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 Task Force? 
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Post Task Force?
Reade something about a task force being at wane this year. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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Post Re: Task Force?
Saw the same thing on Phantasy tour, I would not pay much mind to it. People need to understand that there will be plenty of cops there, bottom line is if a church were throwing a Christian rock concert that drew 20,000 people there would be both uniformed and undercover cops there. They are there to make sure everyone is safe, treat them with respect, they are there doing their job.

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Post Re: Task Force?
Found this at a Phish message board, apparently reposted from Facebook:

schedule out today. funny facebook post:

"OK, party people, if you are planning on Wanee this year, I need to say a few things. I was in court in Suwanee Co. last week and I caught a glimpse of the under cover task force. There will be more this year than any other. BE CAREFUL! Share with friends and friends of friends ONLY! Check dreads very closely, the fake that got me last year was a good one.THERE WILL BE A ROADBLOCK! Tape everything! It may just save your ass. The county is corrupt, and I am NOT fooling around. They will even use civilian informants. If you see sketchy crap going on, TAPE IT AND SHARE IT.The road block is not legal, but don't count on that to mean anything for your defense. The music park is the only real source of revenue in Live Oak and they (the cops)will fleece you for all that they can. You will lose any money that is on your person if you are busted. ANY amount of anything but weed is a FELONY. Once you identify an undercover officer, point him out LOUDLY to all around and get cameras on it. If you find a C.I., warn all the brothers and sisters you can, even if it means following him/her around and calling him out at every turn.FYI-they are NOT above planting s#%t on you or setting you up. Have fun, but be safe. I wish I could be there, but my P.O. told me specifically that I would be in violation if I go to The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park. I'll be back when I get off probation, they won't keep me away. John Marne is a great lawyer and can usually be found in the Magfest Mafia camp, look him up if you find yourself in trouble."

Now. I post this only in furtherance of shedding light; I make no claims to the veracity of that which I cut & pasted. Except that I will say the Magfest Mafia folks are good, standup people and longtime patrons of the park.

That said, my two cents? I've been going to SOSMP for over ten years now. Indeed there are and have been in the past, undercover LEO's doing what they do. I personally know people who have been arrested by them, for illicit stuff. I also had a personal experience with Suwanee's finest when a drunk (plus whatever else) drove his golf cart into two of my camper bud's cars, causing damage. Nobody got hurt fortunately. It was not good for the golf cart driver, his festy was over, but those LEO's were respectful of all, and professional in dealing both with the dummy who done did it, and with our campers who had to deal with their banged up vehicles and the aftermath of that.

Forrest Gump had it right: Stupid is, as stupid does. As many folks as there attending Wanee, it's the low hanging fruit that the LEO's will get. I have a 'live & let live' philosophy when it comes to mind altering stuff: do what ya wanna, but be responsible about it. I personally don't imbibe in anything illegal, and really don't even drink anymore. That's just me. I can hang with partying folks, doesn't bother me a bit, I don't judge. Unless you're doing something stupid.

The dumb - tough rule applies here.

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Post Re: Task Force?
doubly posted :P

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Post Re: Task Force?
funkengroovin wrote:
...treat them with respect, they are there doing their job.

+1 It's that simple.
I ain't scared. I play it cool.

Be kind whenever possible. It's always possible.

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Post Re: Task Force?
funkengroovin wrote:
..... People need to understand that there will be plenty of cops there ...... They are there to make sure everyone is safe, treat them with respect, they are there doing their job.

↑↑↑↑↑↑ THIS ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑


And for those others named 'Randy' this is not aimed at you! My (Volkemon's) givin name is Randy, and user Nickyler made this for me.

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Post Re: Task Force?
I'm sure there are exceptions, but in a dozen visits to the park the LEOs have been nothing but smiling and accepting of our foolishness. I can say positively we are better off WITH them there than WITHOUT.

I know I am older than some dirt, but I do remember when I came to the realization that having a cop living on the block was a good thing -- a VERY GOOD thing.

"Bring the band on down behind me, boys." -- FZ

"Remember: music is a religion. You have to pray every day."
-- Jose' Luis "Cheo" Pardo, Los Amigos Invisibles

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