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 Short Cut Camp 
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Post Short Cut Camp
WOW! It has taken a while for all of this to set in and to be honest I am still floating on my Wanee high! and will be for a while. :mrgreen:
I set out to do something special for the Wanee community and SOSMP. I knew most people would like it(or I hoped they did), but I was not ready for the reaction we got. Not sure what I was ready for, but it has been more than I could have ever expected. :D I had more people come up to me and thank me for us making their Wanee.
One story comes from a female named Kat. On the way to Wanee, they got pulled over and she got busted. Released, she continued on to SOSMP. They walked by our camp and asked where Lot "A" was. We sent her in the right direction, but noticed they did not have a flash light and finding Lot "A" and their camp in the dark would be damn near impossible, so I gave her the flashlight, that I had just found on the trail. (it was a really nice flashlight, but it was not mine, I had just found it and it was clear I only found it so I could pass it on to her).
Well, with in the hour, she had returned to return the flashlight. I explained to her the story and why she needed to keep it. After a run through the Rabbit Hole, Kat had me. She was so excited. Paraphasing her words as I remember them, "A few hours ago I was in Jail. We get here in the dark, we were lost and you gave us direction and light, and now, I just crawled through your Rabbit Hole! WTF!!! Who are you peoeple?!" as she let out tears of enjoyment.
It sounds simple and small, but to be able to touch people like that is an amazing and special gift. A gift I do not take lightly and a feeling I can not put into words. 8-)

Thank you Wanee for the memorable weekend and thank you SOSMP for the experience! :mrgreen:

Short Cut Camp next year will be:

A Short Cut through the Land of Oz. :mrgreen:

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
After seeing another act of kindness, I now carry an extra umbrella in my commuter car to give away when I see a need.

Be kind whenever possible. It's always possible.

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
The land of Oz sounds awesome Scrog :)

Havin' a good time, here today
Watching the sun shine, matinee..

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
Great job Brother Scrog :D

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
Well done sir.

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
Some kind of incredible fun! Thank you for sharing with us. i found you via Shelly cab which was a fun ride all by itself. By the way, the Alice was adorable! I hope she joins our group here.

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
I'm getting myself a guide dog next year that can locate short-cut camp!

Because i certainly couldn't!

LOSER! Well, I got lost, anyway...

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
Dont feel alone. :)

I saw the early Waneetopia when Howie brought me around on the cart Wednesday morning, but I never saw Scrog's camp or Waneetopia during the fest. And i was biking 1-2 hrs a day. The roads never led me there. :(

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Post Re: Short Cut Camp
Man what a cool place. We camped right near there this year and last year. I never made it through the Rabbit Hole or I might still be there!

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