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 Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review 
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Post Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
Here's my story.

I love Wanee....
What a time it was,again.

This time last saturday i was just going to lay down for some sleep after staying up with a friend around the campfire.
So the memories....ahhhhhh.

Arrived on Tuesday at 4:20pm....serious.
My friends from N.Orleans arrived a few minutes later.
Checked in and had a nice laid back first night.
A huge lightning and rain storm came in at sundown so we jumped into the RV and had drinks and laughs.

Wednesday,had a few more people arrive at camp.
That night we decided to go out to eat at the SOS cafe.
we walk in and it was karaoke night....and Elvis was the M.C.
He had the sideburns and hair and the whole hunka hunka burnin love motion going on....They sit us at a table near center and way too close to the stage,,,i knew trouble was coming.
My friend Wallace and i have a hard time not laughing at everything when we are together,so the laughter flared up at the table. I've never been thrown out of a karaoke night but i was thinking this may be the first...
It was obvious that the senior citizens loved karaoke because they were there,,,many of them. Now there's nothing wrong with that and they were beautiful at their age dancing and having the time of their life,but with Elvis in the background and the group i had around me,,,,uhh,,,yea,we were drinkin at a good pace and everything was the sweet little girl that was up singing(maybe 6 or 7 yrs old) and she had a fist full of dollars that people were giving her as she sang Kelly Clarkston's song "Life would suck without you" was a moment amongst many.
so we successfully have dinner and some drinks and get out without being thrown out....we leave and two more of our friends arrive...the party at camp starts again.

Thursday,more friends roll in.
at around 4:20, Joyce and i decide that we are the only ones that wanted(or could) to take the walk over to the LTS meet/greet site,so we make our way.
What a great set-up and welcome party LTS and Rita had going for us all !!
It was so great seeing the faces of all of you,finally.
I have to say, Calypsomamma,you are one funny girl with the most cheerful and beautiful smile. You had me laughing from the start. thank you.
To Micke,i really wanted to hook up with you again as i brought a guitar and amp for you,,,but as you know,it didn't work out,,sorry about that....and by the way,your girls are absolutely beautiful....and it was nice meeting them too.
I brought a blow up OWL for you know who,,,but dummy here left it at the camp along with the badges i printed.....doh.
The Wanee nectar was awesome.
Really wish i had more time with all of you.
The good people were present....thank you all.

Just a note here,,,,I really am bummed that we never got the chance to hook up with all of you again.
we were camped a little farther away this year so with the distance and the timing with rain and mainly the entertainment factor that was going on at my camp with all the people i had there,,,well,,that's my excuse.
i also have a bad heel on one foot from an injury back in December that kept me from being as mobile as i wanted to be,,,and also sat my ass down in a chair at shows more than i wanted,,but hey, i conquered.
so, my appologeez to all of you that i wanted to see again,but didn't for those reasons.

The music was over the top for me.
The vibe from everyone was awesome.
The only problem i ever saw was someone was down on the ground with the med crew,,probably a pass out or fall....other than that,it was very peaceful.

So many great humorous moments at our camp.
The face was sore from laughing after the fest.

One great moment was when my friend Christian and i were the last ones up at the campfire friday night and decided to stay with the fire that Casey had built from wet wood,,,we decided to honor him and watch it burn to ash.....which meant we sat and laughed and talked and drank beer until the sun came up.
we were sitting there and i remember saying,"ahh,what a nice sunrise",,,as we were facing west.....ha.

another honorable mention moment was when i told my friend Lee that i was doing 2 shows at 5 (am)....and he said,"can i have 1 for 3 ?" priceless.

so many great moments this year,,,my best wanee so far.
i could rant on and on about the things that i saw happen....
what a great time it was.

Joyce and i arrived back at the house on Sunday at,you guessed it,, lie.....not sure what that means but those numbers came up constantly like when i went to get ice and the change i got back was $4.20....hmm.

again,nice to meet many of you and next year i hope we can all camp a little closer to each other.

peace to all and i'll be dropping in on some posts from time to time.

Wavo Davo & Joyce

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
Great review! Glad you had a great time and made it home safely! See you next year!!

~~Can't go back and you can't stand still. If the peaches don't get you, then the mushrooms will.~~

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
love it!! so much fun to read, you have me smilin!!

thanks for the blow up..keep it for NEXT YEAR!! :D

you were everything I'd imagined and more. you have such a great vibe..lovin that smile every time I was blessed to see it!

BY THE WAY...Life WOULD suck without YOU!! ;)

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
the feeling is mutual Owly...great meeting you 2

tell Jervis i said Hi (i kept wanting to call Brett Jervis,i guess because of the shirt)

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
;) pretty sure Brett wouldn't mind!! Jervis is playing tonite, which means a hangover tomorrow. :x

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
oh, just more to make me sad I didn't get to LTS, especially to swap Y-ki-ki stories with Calypsomomma! Well, always good to have something to look forward to.....Great review to read, though!


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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
:o Great review Wavo!! I didn't get to meet a whole bunch...but will leave the wookies home next yr!! Now planning on Magfest.. my bff from highschool who lives in Tallahassee found me on facebook and she goes every year and they stay in the LOOP :shock: Call themselves the LOOP TROOP!! :lol: Talk about irony!! She is coming dwn here next weekend.. last I saw her was in Tallahassee at the FALPN (Florida Assoc., of Licensed Practical Nurses Assoc.) way back in the 80's and I had met up with her and went out for some thing I know s#%t started moving around :shock: Shroom tea :o Well guess who was picked out of the whole dam class from SRQ to present the cap on stage? :shock: :? :shock: I was trying to avoid looking at the audience full of white caps :lol: Moving all over the place!!I don't remember if I had to say a speech or not :?: :roll: :oops: So that ws the last time I saw her and will never forget all those wavy caps :lol: :lol: Oh my what a LONG strange trip it was!!! :lol:

Live for today as tomorrow may be very far away! Make your DREAMS come true!!!!

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
Great Review Wavo! It was great meeting you at the Meet & Greet! :)

I <3 my Wanee Family!

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
The most fun I think I've ever had!! Wanee filled my soul in so many ways. I didn't get meet any of you from this site, but I sure felt your vibe! Its an amazing feeling to be with kindred spirits who love music and friends.

We were fortunate to camp with Wavo and our tribe of non-stop laughter. The joy of this event still permeates and we've had this eternal grin since we left. Wavo...we are blessed and honored to be your friend.

And we'll see you there next year...and we'll get to meet...till then, thank you for sparking a little light in my soul.

"...fare ye well, fare ye well. I love you more than words can tell...listen to the river sing sweet rock my soul..."

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Post Re: Wavo's Wanee Rant & Review
I think as the crowd gets larger people tend to just leave their trash more, at least in the stage areas, because its just plain harder to get to a trash can. Also more people = more slobs.

Put it in the Dumpsta!

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