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 A day in the Life with ABB 
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Post A day in the Life with ABB

Way back in 1991
I worked backstage security at a concert at the Charlotte Coliseum with one of the all time great bands. Being the good security dude was that I tried not to get too star struck around them.

It occurred to me that this band seemed to be mirroring the Dead with the trippy-lava look. So after the show I struck up a conversion with Warren their newest member of the band. I asked him if they were going after the Grateful Dead crowd. He admitted that the band thought they should have a similar following . After all, back in the day, the Allman Brothers Band were much bigger part of the scene. I politely agreed but thought to myself the Dead never strayed from their thing.
At Jam Cruise Six (many years later) I tried to strike up another conversation with him. I wanted to ask him about our previous conversation. He was kind of nasty to me and I felt like a fool after I approach him. Later I found out that he was really sea sick so I gave him some quarter for being rude.
It was cool that an “almost” local boy from Asheville joined the ABB band and this new sound had really come together

Back to 1991
That night I had my chance to speak to one of the original members of the band but didn’t dare. I just nodded and he nodded back. He was nice enough but he seemed troubled. While the band was up front playing I hung with a girl who was a life long friend of his. It was obvious that she was a friend of Greg the person, not Greg the rock Star. Anyways, she shared with me what a struggle he has gone through to get straight. I thought that he was lucky to have a friend like that.
Dickey and Baseball
After I got off work I snuck into the food line which was not for the security guys. I got my plate and sat down at the same table with Dickey. He was kind of a grumpy guy and was not interested in talking much to anyone. We ended up hanging out until the end of a baseball game and did manage to talk about baseball. At that time I coached Little League and we talked about my team and the Atlanta Braves. By the way the game we were watching was Game 7 of the World Series and the Braves lost to Minnesota one to zero. Dickey didn’t say goodbye or good night he just got up cursed the Braves and left. How cool that was?
Apologue to a Day in the Life
The first time I saw ABB band play together was Dickey Bets and Greg Allan had separate bands and were the warm up for Charlie Daniels Band at the Miami Metro Zoo. The next time was at the Charlotte show they got an incredible line up together and Warren had joined the band. The album they released then was “Shades of the Words” which is an incredible album. I saw them countless times since then. Some of the shows were better than others but I loved every one.

Learn from The Allman Brothers
When life kicks you down take inspiration from the band. They went through more s#%t. They lost Duane, then the Jimmy Carter thing, then the Cher thing, then learned to forgive. I saw Greg playing in a Holiday Inn Bar in the FL Keyes when he was on rock bottom. He is lucky and we are lucky that he got himself together. He’s struggling with health issues but still has not given up. I’ve seen Dickey play drunk which affected his play and I have seen him in his new band and he kicked ass. I will never get to see Duane (except on YOUTUBE Isle of Wight 1970). Over the years they were able to change up their line up and were able to consistently just add new levels that were great. They even had the balls to stick a kid in the band that we now know as Derek Trucks.

The Dream
The Allman Brothers is a one of the most classic of classic bands of all time and they have made the long run. I wish that some how they can dig down and deal a little more of the forgiveness thing out. So we can hear Dickey play “in Memory of Elisabeth Reed” one more time.

By the way I will be at Wanee.

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Cool post, thanks for sharing. CAN'T WAIT to spend a couple days with the boys. My first show was at the Orphium in Boston in 89 - haven't missed a year since then! Always look forward to seeing Greg and the Gang and REALLY looking forward to my first Wanee!!

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
wow thats awesome.
btw, that first picture on your post is very interesting...
i recently got a copy of the '73 new years show at Cow Palace with guests Garcia, Scaggs, and more... i'm pretty sure that picture is from that date.. and if you haven't heard the show, GO FIND IT. it is well worth listening to... the Bo Didley>Mountain Jam>Bo Didley did it for me... plus loads of other great jams in there...

PS- Cya there! Cant Wait!

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
nice post KBIII

i worked with a guy here in Atl that used to be a bouncer
at the Agora Ballroom across from the Fox back in the late 70's.
he had some wild stories of Greg,his life, and his struggles
back then.

thanks for bringing up the memories,,so glad the story continues!!
hope you have a great Wanee..


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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Thanks for sharing your experience. I remember seeing Greg in 1983 in a bar in Cocoa Beach. One of my first dates with my husband of 24+ years. I've been a fan of ABB since the beginning. My first album I ever bought (9 years old). I was hooked from then on. I have been to all of the Wanee's and they are incredible. The people are all very like minded and it has always been the best experience. The only problem I have is pacing myself so I don't miss any of it. I never miss the Midnight Jam with Derek Trucks. I hope life gives Greg, Butch, and all the bros many healthy years of creativity and the desire to share with all of us who love what they give us each year. It's a tough life and I thank them all for continuing to bring it on.

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Bump from 2009.....still relevant... :D

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Thanks Richard, there are some great stories in the archives!

Havin' a good time, here today
Watching the sun shine, matinee..

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Very cool post/story. It's always fun to hear story from forum members and this one was GRATE!!!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Cool story, thanks for sharing it with us. ;) My 2 cents on Warren. He must have been REALLY sick that night. A couple of years back myself and a group of people from this forum went to Orlando to see JB's annual charity gig. Warren co-headlined with him that night. The night before the show Warren was in California playing with some of the Dead boys, he must have jammed with Jb for at least three or four hours that night and as we were walking back to our cars Warrens whole band came walking up behind us. The man was shot, you could see it in his face, totally drained. He stopped, shook hands, hugged, talked, posed for pictures,whatever, to everyone of us. Probably spent a half hour while his band members sat by patiently waiting to get back on the bus. I've never met a more gracious and humble musician! :D

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Post Re: A day in the Life with ABB
Rivernole wrote:
Bump from 2009.....still relevant... :D

Thanks for the bump-da-da-bump!

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