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 Wanee 2009 Merch is up! 
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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
agree 100%. I had credit card in hand, and it's a NO SALE. maybe something will show up on ebay too. like one of the cool wanee posters that girl was driving around selling. :cry:

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
Please let us know what your main concerns are with the merch. Is it the designs? Or just the fact that the band names are not on? We want to make sure to bring everyone the best possible options for 2010. Thank you for your feedback.

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
that sounds like a good idea


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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
Shipping is absolutely ridiculous, to the point of breaking the sale. 14 dollars shipping for under 1 pound of merchandise? You've lost your mind. I'll look for for my shirts on ebay, hopefully I'll find one, but if you'd charge proper shipping, you'd probably make a killing with the offered merchandise.

Also, band names, etc.

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
Dear James, first and foremost, please take this as constructive criticism and not bitching, because next year at Wanee i want to come home with a badass tshirt, poster or some kind of memento that i am proud of and im sure everyone else share this sentiment.

At the festival i saw the blue tie-dye shirt and passed when i saw the lazily designed logo and complete lack of effort put into the shirt, let alone the price of that sucker (something like $40). So that turned me off of IT immediately. Band names would have definitely been a plus, maybe the band names in the shape of a shroom, a peach, something. Like either have the bands divided into the two days like they were on the schedule or maybe have the bands divided into who played at the peach stage in the shape of a peach and the people who played on the shroom stage in the shape of a shroom. It just could have been a much cooler design.

The poster, uh... honestly it sucks. I never saw it at the show, but the one i saw on the website was just plain. Maybe get that cat that was beside the Hittin the note tent to design it. I forget his name, but ive got a derek trucks poster he did and it kicks ass. Hes on the Hittin the note website with several posters on there. They were textured posters with all kinds of sweet designs and symbols and stuff on it. I dont know at what point somebody looked at the Wanee merch and smiled and said, 'Yea, thats cool', but surely they were high or desperately trying to design something at the last minute or what, but that moment was a catastrophic failure, and in my eyes, a let down.

The design contest is a good idea too. All in all i am really impressed you came here looking for input and whatnot and that shows initiative and the want to make it better next time and that is very admirable.

ps, the shipping for the merch off the internet is an atrocious attempt at rape. I might can understand the $12 shipping for the poster, but ive ordered several posters from different places and they came in hard tubes, which i did read for some reason the wanee one couldn't be shipped rolled up, but come on man... A really sweet wanee poster could have really tied my room together

That rug really tied the room together.

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
Yeah,What the Dude said!!!!!!


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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
Yes, A Jeff Wood (Downing Creek Studios) festival designed poster would be truly collectabe and the same design would be a kick-a** shirt as well. You wouldn't have any left to have a merchandise link on the website :D Let me also say thanks for first having an active "merchandise" link and also for caring to ask our imput. I also agree that postage and handling can be a deal-breaker for me as well.

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
Well I was wrong you pissed everyone off!!!!!!!

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
I saw some ppl with tan Wanee shirts, They had the 2009wanee logo and art on the front and the bands and stages on the back just like the the big schedule at the peach stage. I never could find one. I got a nice soft DTB shirt from hittin the note tent and a cool ABB 40th shirt from Sunshine Octopus. No good Mule shirts either, I will look in ATL next month. I really liked the Mule shirts they had last year, famous last words...

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Post Re: Wanee 2009 Merch is up!
I appreciate everyones input, it is very helpful and will be taken 100% into consideration as we approach Wanee 2010. I also want to let everyone know that while it may be too late to change artwork / add bands to the shirts etc., we ARE pulling some strings and the shipping rates on merch ordered through this website WILL be cut down ASAP. I think everyone will be more accepting of the revised rate. Thanks Again

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