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 Woodstock Trivia 
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Post Woodstock Trivia
DAY ONE - August 15, 1969
1. Richie Havens
1. High Flyin' Bird
2. Unknown Song (might be "Minstrel From Gault")
3. I Can't Make It Anymore
4. Handsome Johnny
5. With a Little Help from My Friends
6. Strawberry Fields Forever
7. Hey Jude
8. Motherless Child (a.k.a. "Freedom")

2. Swami Satchidananda Festival Prayer

3. Country Joe McDonald
1. I Find Myself Missing You
2. Rockin' All Around The World
3. Flyin' High All Over The World
4. Seen A Rocket
5. Fish Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag

4. John B. Sebastian
1. How Have You Been
2. Rainbows All Over Your Blues
3. I Had A Dream
4. Darlin' Be Home Soon
5. Younger Generation

5. Sweetwater
1. Motherless Child
2. Look Out (???)
3. For Pete's Sake
4. Day Song
5. What's Wrong
6. My Crystal Spider
7. Two Worlds (???)
8. Band Introduction
9. Why Oh Why

6. Incredible String Band
1. Invocation
2. The Letter
3. This Moment
4. When You Find Out Who You Are

7. Bert Sommer
1. Jennifer
2. The Road To Travel
3. I Wondered Where You Be
4. She's Gone
5. Things Are Going My Way
6. And When It's Over
7. Jeanette
8. America
9. A Note That Read
10. Smile

8. Tim Hardin
1. Misty Roses
2. If I Were A Carpenter

9. Ravi Shankar
1. Raga Puriya-Dhanashri/Gat In Sawarital
2. Tabla Solo In Jhaptal
3. Raga Manj Kmahaj
4. lap Jor
5. Dhun In Kaharwa Tal

10. Melanie
1. Beautiful People
2. Birthday Of The Sun

11. Arlo Guthrie
1. Coming Into Los Angeles
2. Walking Down The Line
3. Amazing Grace

12. Joan Baez
1. Oh Happy Day
2. The Last Thing On My Mind
3. I Shall Be Released
4. Joe Hill
5. Sweet Sir Galahad
6. Hickory Wind
7. Drug Store Truck Driving Man
8. I Live One Day At A Time
9. Sweet Sunny South
10. Warm and Tender Love
11. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
12. We Shall Overcome

DAY TWO - August 16, 1969
1. Quill
1. Driftin'
2. They Live the Life
3. BBY
4. Waitin' For You
5. Jam

2. Keef Hartley Band
1. Spanish Fly
2. Believe In You
3. Rock Me Baby
4. Medley: Leavin' Trunk, Halfbreed, Just To Cry, Sinnin' For You

3. Santana
1. Waiting
2. You Just Don't Care
3. Savior
4. Jingo
5. Persuasion
6. Soul Sacrifice
7. Fried Neckbones

4. Canned Heat
1. I'm Her Man
2. Going Up the Country
3. A Change Is Gonna Come
4. Leaving This Town
5. The Bear Talks
6. Let's Work Together
7. Too Many Drivers at the Wheel
8. I Know My Baby
9. Woodstock Boogie
10. On the Road Again

5. Grateful Dead
1. St. Stephen
2. Mama Tried
3. Dark Star
4. High Time
5. Turn On Your Lovelight

6. Mountain
1. Blood Of The Sun
2. Stormy Monday
3. Long Red
4. Who Am I But You And The Sun
5. Beside The Sea
6. For Yasgur's Farm (then untitled)
7. You And Me
8. Theme From An Imaginary Western
9. Waiting To Take You Away
10. Dreams Of Milk And Honey
11. Blind Man
12. Blue Suede Shoes
13. Southbound Train

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival
1. Born On The Bayou
2. Green River
3. Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
4. Commotion
5. Bootleg
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Proud Mary
8. I Put A Spell On You
9. Night Time Is The Right Time
10. Keep On Choogin'
11. Suzy Q

8. Sly & The Family Stone
1. M'Lady
2. Sing A Simple Song
3. You Can Make It If You Try
4. Everyday People
5. Dance To The Music
6. Music Lover
7. I Want To Take You Higher
8. Love City
9. Stand!

9. Janis Joplin
1. Raise Your Hand
2. As Good As You've Been To This World
3. To Love Somebody
4. Summertime
5. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
6. Kosmic Blues
7. Can't Turn You Loose
8. Work Me Lord
9. Piece Of My Heart
10. Ball and Chain

10. The Who
1. Heaven And Hell
2. I Can't Explain
3. It's A Boy
4. 1921
5. Amazing Journey
6. Sparks
7. Eyesight To The Blind
8. Christmas
9. Acid Queen
10. Pinball Wizard
11. (Abbie Hoffmann Incident)
12. Do You Think It's Alright?
13. Fiddle About
14. There's A Doctor I've Found
15. Go To The Mirror Boy
16. Smash The Mirror
17. I'm Free
18. Tommy's Holiday Camp
19. We're Not Gonna Take It
20. See Me Feel Me
21. Summertime Blues
22. Shakin' All Over
23. My Generation
24. Naked Eye

DAY THREE - August 17, 1969
1. Jefferson Airplane
1. The Other Side of This Life
2. Plastic Fantastic Lover
3. Volunteers
4. Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon
5. Eskimo Blue Day
6. Uncle Sam's Blues
7. Somebody To Love
8. White Rabbit
9. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds

2. Joe Cocker
1. Delta Lady
2. Some Things Goin' On
3. Let's Go Get Stoned
4. I Shall Be Released
5. With A Little Help From My Friends

3. Country Joe & The Fish
1. Barry's Caviar Dream
2. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
3. Rock And Soul Music
4. Thing Called Love
5. Love Machine
6. Fish Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag

4. Ten Years After
1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
2. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
3. I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always
4. Hear Me Calling
5. I'm Going Home

5. The Band
1. Chest Fever
2. Baby Don't Do It
3. Tears Of Rage
4. We Can Talk
5. Long Black Veil
6. Don't You Tell Henry
7. Ain't No More Cane
8. Wheels On Fire
9. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
10. The Weight

(After midnight - Monday Morning) - August 18, 1969
6. Blood Sweat And Tears
1. More And More
2. I Love You Baby More Than You Ever Know
3. Spinning Wheel
4. I Stand Accused
5. Something Coming On

7. Johnny Winter
1. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter
2. To Tell The Truth
3. Johnny B Goode
4. Six Feet In The Ground
5. Leland Mississippi Blues/Rock Me Baby
6. Mean Mistreater
7. I Can't Stand It (With Edgar Winter)
8. Tobacco Road (With Edgar Winter)
9. Mean Town Blues

8. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
(Set One - Acoustic)
1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
2. Blackbird
3. Helplessly Hoping
4. Guinnevere
5. Marrakesh Express
6. 4 + 20
7. Mr Soul
8. Wonderin'
9. You Don't Have To Cry
(Set Two - Electric)
10. Pre-road Downs
11. Long Time Gone
12. Bluebird
13. Sea Of Madness
14. Wooden Ships (Encore - Acoustic)
15. Find The Cost Of Freedom
16. 49 bye-byes

9. Paul Butterfield Blues Band
1. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
2. Driftin'
3. Born Under A Bad Sign
4. All My Love Comin' Through To You
5. Love March

10. Sha-Na-Na
1. Na Na Theme
2. Jakety Jak
3. Teen Angel
4. Jailhouse Rock
5. Wipe Out
6. Who Wrote The Book Of Love
7. Duke Of Earl
8. At The Hop
9. Na Na Theme

11. Jimi Hendrix (The Gypsy Sun & Rainbows Band)
1. Message To Love
2. Hear My Train A Comin'
3. Spanish Castle Magic
4. Red House
5. Master Mind
6. Here Comes Your Lover Man
7. Foxy Lady
8. Beginning
9. Izabella
10. Gypsy Woman
11. Fire
12. Voodoo Child (slight return)/Stepping Stone
13. Star Spangled Banner
14. Purple Haze
15. Woodstock Improvisation/Villanova Junction
16. Hey Joe

Hendrix insisted on being the final performer and was scheduled to perform Sunday at midnight. He didn't take the stage until 9 A.M. on Monday morning and played for 2 hours to a dwindling audience.



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Post Re: Woodstock Trivia
Woodstock Statistics List

0-Collection bins anywhere within eyeshot of the festival site
1-Case of Pneumonia
1-Diabetic Coma
1-Price (in dollars) of a hot dog on-site by August 16
1-Price (in dollars) for a loaf of bread and a quart of milk
1.60-Minimum hourly wage paid workers preparing the site
2-Hours of waiting time to make a phone call
2-Festival births
2-Number of tickets gates at site (30 entrances each)
3-Deaths (one each from heroin overdose, ruptured appendix and being run over by a tractor)
3-Tracheotomies performed
3:16-Running time (in hrs) of Mike Wadleigh's movie on Woodstock
4-Cost (in dollars) of hit of acid or mescaline
4-Number of miscarriages reported
5:07pm-Richie Havens becomes first act on stage Fri, Aug 15
6-Months of prep time before the festival
6.50-Price (in dollars) of advance sale ticket for a single day
8-Hours to drive 98 miles from New York City to Bethel
8-Price (in dollars) to be charged for a SINGLE day ticket at the gate
10-Number of shots fired in air by farmer fed up with noise
10-Millions of yards of blue jean and striped t-shirt material at the festival
13-Number of months between Jimi Hendrix's performance and his death
14-Number of months between Janis Joplin's performance and her death
15-Average miles walked by festival goers after leaving their cars due to extreme traffic conditions
15-Price (in dollars) of an ounce of marijuana
17-Miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic along Route 17B
18-Price (in dollars) of advance sale ticket for three days
18-Number of doctors who treated 6,000 patients
20-Amount of bail bond (in thousands of dollars) for those held for possession of LSD
24-Price (in dollars) to be charged for a THREE day ticket at the gate
25-Average age of festival organizer (John Roberts/Michael Lang (24),Artie Kornfeld/Joel Rosenmann (26))
31-Number of musical acts to appear on the main stage
33-Number of people arrested on drug charges
36-Number of nurses who treated 6,000 patients
40-Shortest waiting time (in minutes) between acts
48-Number of pages in original Woodstock Program distributed at the site
50-Number of additional doctors flown in from New York City on August 16
50-Cost (in cents) of hot dog at inflated prices at diners near the site
50-Miles between towns of Bethel and Woodstock, NY
51-Number of caldrons of rice-carrot-raisin combo made at Hog Farm Free Kitchen by 3 a.m. Sun, Aug 17
60-Approximate number of public telephones is area
61-Number of Short Line buses sent from New York City
65-Amateur radios employed
80-Width (in feet) of the stage
80-Lawsuits filed after the festival
90-Percentage of festival attendees smoking marijuana
100-Approximate number of arrests on narcotic charges
110-Days elapsed between the Woodstock and Altamont festivals
120-Longest waiting time (in minutes) between acts
150-Number of volunteer cops
346-Number of off-duty New York City policemen hired at $50 per day each, joined by 100 local sheriffs, several hundred State Troopers and deputies from 12 counties
400-Festival-goers who freaked out on bad LSD trips
450-Cows unfenced for three days with the campers
600-Number of Port-O-Sans (portable toilets)
1,300-Pounds of canned food, sandwiches and fruit flown in by emergency helicopters
1,500-Paid (in dollars) for Santana's 45 minute performance.
2,366-Population of Bethel in August, 1969
2,500-1989 price (in dollars) of original Woodstock posters
4,062-Ticket holders who received a refund check because they were unable to gain attendance
7,500-Paid (in dollars) for The Grateful Dead to perform
8,000-1989 price (in dollars) for an uncollected festival ticket sold by attendee
11,200-Paid (in dollars) for The Who to perform
24,000-Asking price (in dollars) for that same festival ticket (see above - 8000)
30,000-Number of sandwiches prepared by the Women's Group of the Jewish Community Center of Monticello and distributed by the Sisters of the Convent of St. Thomas
50,000-Reported price (in dollars) paid for 600 acres of Max Yasgur's pasture
60,000-Number of people expected to attend festival
100,000-Number of campers
186,000-Tickets sold
250,000-Number of people who never made it to the site
315,000-Feet of film shot for Woodstock film (120 hrs)
320,000-Estimated number of people who left before Hendrix played
400,000-Estimated number of people who attended festival
500,000-Long distance phone calls placed the first day of festival
500,000-Frankfurters and hamburgers consumed on the first day
500,000-Estimated cost of festival (in dollars), revised to $2.6 million ten months after
600,000-Dollars worth of bad checks reportedly signed by John Roberts during festival which were later covered
1,000,000-Reported price (in dollars) paid by Alan Gerry in 1996 for the 37.5 acre natural amphitheatre portion of the Woodstock site
1,300,000-Dollars collected in advance sales
50,000,000+ -Worldwide box office gross (in dollars) made by 1979 on Woodstock movie



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Post Re: Woodstock Trivia
Cancelled Acts

1. Jeff Beck Group (The band broke up in July, forcing cancellation)
2. Iron Butterfly (Stuck at the airport, their manager demanded helicopters and special arrangements just for them. Were wired back and told, as impolitely as Western Union would allow, "to get lost", but in other 'words'.)
3. Joni Mitchell (Joni's agent put her on "The Dick Cavett Show" instead)
4. Lighthouse (Feared that it would be a "bad scene".)
5. Ethan Brown (Arrested for LSD three days before the event.)

Declined Invitations

1. The Beatles (John Lennon said he couldn't get them together)
2. Led Zeppelin (Got a higher paying gig elsewhere)
3. Bob Dylan (Turned it down because of his disgust of the hippies hanging around his house)
4. The Byrds (Turned it down because of a melee during their performance at the first Atlanta International Pop Festival, held at the Atlanta International Raceway on July 4 and July 5, 1969)
5. Tommy James & the Shondells (Turned it down because of being misinformed about the size and scope of the event)
6. Jethro Tull (Turned it down because they thought it wouldn't be a big deal.)
7. The Moody Blues (Unknown reasons)
8. Mind Garage (Declined because they thought it wouldn't be a big deal and had a higher paying gig elsewhere)



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Post Re: Woodstock Trivia
Selection of the venue
The crowd and stage in 1969.

The concert was originally scheduled to take place in the 300-acre Mills Industrial Park (Wallkill) Orange County, New York which Woodstock Ventures had leased for $100,000 in the Spring of 1969. Town officials were assured that no more than 50,000 would attend. Town residents immediately opposed the project. In early July the Town Board passed a law requiring a permit for any gathering over 5,000 people. On July 15, 1969 the Wallkill Zoning Board of Appeals officially banned the concert on the basis that the planned portable toilets would not meet town code.

Following the ban, Elliot Tiber, who owned the 80-room El Monaco Motel on White Lake in Bethel, New York offered to host the event on his 15 acres. He already had a permit for a White Lake Music and Arts Festival from the Town of Bethel, which was to be a chamber music concert. When it was clear the site was too small, Tiber introduced the promoters to dairy farmer, Max Yasgur, initially on the premise that Yasgur's land would rent for $50 for a festival attracting 5,000. On July 20, 1969, Yasgur, meeting with the organizers at a White Lake restaurant called The Lighthouse, agreed to rent 600 acres for $75,000. News of the event was leaked to local radio station WVOS (AM) even before Yasgur and the organizers left the restaurant, reportedly by restaurant employees. The organizers paid another $25,000 to nearby residents to rent their land. Yasgur's land formed a natural bowl sloping down to Filippini Pond on the land's north side. The stage would be set at the bottom of the hill with Filippini Pond forming a backdrop. The pond would become a popular skinny dipping destination. The event organizers would stay at Tiber's El Monaco Motel along with Canned Heat and Arlo Guthrie. Tiber was further rewarded for saving the event by being awarded the sole concession for ticket buyers.

The organizers once again told Bethel authorities they expected no more than 50,000 people.

Despite resident opposition and signs proclaiming, "Buy No Milk. Stop Max's Hippy Music Festival," Bethel Town Attorney Frederick W. V. Schadt and building inspector Donald Clark approved the permits, but the Bethel Town Board refused to issue them formally. Clark was ordered to post Stop Work orders, but the promoters tore them down.

Fearing chaos as thousands began descending on the community, Bethel did not enforce its codes. Eventually, people were discouraged from setting off to the festival on radio stations as far away as WNEW-FM in Manhattan and the traffic jams were described on television news programs. To add to the problems and difficulty in dealing with the large crowds, recent rains had caused muddy roads and fields.

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Post Re: Woodstock Trivia
waneelover has seen the directors cut of the Woodstock movie at least 200 times.



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Post Re: Woodstock Trivia
Thanks for this,very interesting!!!!!!!


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Post Re: Woodstock Trivia
Man...... I am impressed!
Thanks for all the great info!
Keep up the good triva! :D

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