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We went to Wanee and we started to walk towards the water and there was Jesus standing on the river with bunches of boomers sharing a big fatty with all of the sturgeon when one jumped up, it went right through splashing into Rees Lake getting everybody soaking wet the fatty was ruined damn damn damn damn so jesus rolled anudder that resembled derek's guitar that fired up nicely and the peasants rejoiced, skipped, jumped and frolicked. The night was almost shot, but we all walked over to the drum circle where the beat made Jesus yell: "DONT EAT THE BROWN TACOS - they have a bad taste in them, but JESUS DIDN'T LISTEN and when he ate them his eyes rolled back and he fell into a deep deep sleep. We all stood in a circle and beat our drums when suddenly a bear walked up and said, "You Got A Light?" We laughed so hard, beer came out of a spring in the ground, as did fresh salmon. "Free buffet!" Jesus cried, we all rushed the salmon beer fountain, fell in stumbling drunk, and wound up kicking our own asses and Jesus just shook his booty to the music. Then the sky started to rain mushrooms and we all looked up, "Blue you look glorious" we THOUGHT we heard a Mississippi Bolweevil in drag banging together huge pots and pans while making the sounds like a Yonrico drum solo but it was actually that bear farting uncontrollably because he had eaten so much bacon grease. So we laughed and farted uncontrollably, the place stunk so we HIGHtailed it out of there like the lightning was striking us, knees to chest high, till someone yelled out...."It's THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!! You never saw so many Bolweevils scatter in all directions,woods, river and under blankets in Jesus's worn Walmart tent. We all had a big laugh at Jesus's bedhead. The COPS got MANSON to confess on Sharon's stolen bikini top, meanwhile the underwear gnomes passed out and floated down river to the rope swing floating on smelly skivvies. JESUS ran from the freaks with their chairs laughing hysterically at our bare naked bums whenall of a sudden...GOD let out a fart! Oh my it was the START OF WANEE!!! We all got and JAMMED........People with chairs got up finally and danced so hard and so long that they thought they were in heaven, but it was really just mud. We went to wanee with our truck packed, we saw four beautiful purple ringers and we welcomed them to partay with us backstage and drink some makers mark like thirsty camels, until every camel hump was pumped full of makers. Then all the camels began to dance around in an even-toed Ungulates sort of way, to an uneven beat of the drum circle, before Warren rode in on a Harley that was dressed up to look like a camel, where Warren was the second hump. Warren yelled, "FILL ME WITH MAKERS!" And after Warren was fully satisfied he pulled the longest wheelie ever! Noticing phosphorescent desert buttons, Warren stopped his wheelie and picked some for the ride. The ride was short but it was fun. And very colorful too!Warren continued his journey over to the Mushroom Stage where he was greeted by Gregg and ABB - Duane was there too! And Janis and Jimi! Since pardoned, Morrison too! And don't forget Jerry!

Everyone got on stage, the sunset's brilliant colors inspired Jerry to suggest Fire on the Mountain; so they began... They played till morning

Havin' a good time, here today
Watching the sun shine, matinee..

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