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 Panic 2nd night setlist 12/31/09 incredible 
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Post Re: Panic 2nd night setlist 12/31/09 incredible
IF you haven't heard the 31st show,,get it....i'm sitting here listning to vacation again and wow,,,what a night to remember...
makes me really want to see Panic at wanee just for those to get a treat if you have never seen them....all round good rockyroll !!!

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

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Post Re: Panic 2nd night setlist 12/31/09 incredible
No that wasnt me but it did happen right in front of me.I saw the guy come out and thought who the fudge is that then the security and road crew grabbed him.They knocked his shoe off in the scuffel and JB grabbed it and threw it at the guy but missed and hit Todd it was crazy.At the same time that happen a girl was falling out and the security was dealing with her when the dude hugged and tried to sing. :shock:

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Post Re: Panic 2nd night setlist 12/31/09 incredible
I got as close as they would let me. :lol: The confetti seem to fall for over an hour after the New Year but could have been my condition I was in. ;) It really was an awsome show!!!

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Post Re: Panic 2nd night setlist 12/31/09 incredible
rant #25-6to4

ok,,it's time for my review since i got my head back in order
and it's my birthday and the wanee site doesn't show it and i'm gonna self-promote-gloat which is funny cuz i always try to do my b'day stealth yet i'm opening it up and spilling it here and gonna make a crazy day of this and i'm not sure why on a tuesday but here goes......whewww,,,(and i don't drink coffee!!)

had my friend Lee come by to join us for some pre-panic stretches and warm-ups at the local pub before the ride in to ATL.
we received club level tix again this year from a wonderful person at the Hyatt downtown for the show....even threw in "premium parking" pass which was a wild ride in...
we get there and i thought i knew Philips parking deck,,but obviously not.
ended up getting in traffic for the chick-fil-a bowl game next door....we circle the place until we gave in and axed a cop where to go....
he said take a right then a right and then a right and maybe another we did...
ended up going thru a gated entrance that was for the employess and premium parking peoples and as we drove thru what seemed to be a back entrance to nowhere ended up taking us to a club level entrance with no lines no waiting ( i love club) we were walking in,i was singing Lets get down to business,,,(which turned out to be the opener)
so we get in with about an hour to spare before the show and grab a table at the bar right in front of the big screen to see the game next door.
we got into laughin fits watching people come up and stop right in front of us and the TV so we couldn't see,,,then they turn and realize what they were doin....some crazy drunk people were being made an hour before the show...funny moments.

so the show opens with LGDTB and chills take over...
as always on NYE,you could feel the crowd and the vibe setting in.
The sit down acoustic opener was tight and laid nice groundwork for the night to come.
by the time they got to Vacation,i was hanging from the rafters...then they break into Vic Chesnutt's Expiration Day
and knock me back to my seat for a minute or 4...
i'm getting olds compared to much of the crowd,,,always have been....and it was funny cuz there were some girls behind us and one said "doesn't it seem like there's alot of older people around us"....and i just laughed and thought, yeah,come back in 10-15 years and let's see what we both look like,,,think you can make it? i can !! jeeez
**insert here that i was born less than 24 hours from Mikey,,he Jan 6th,62,,me Jan 5th,62**
so i think to myself,if this age thing is a problem for you,why are you watching a band that is my age???
i know,i know,,,,takes every kind of people.

so the first set was awesome.
second set smoked.
then the countdown....haha.....i realized i was out of water and needed some badly,,so i get Lee to run with me down to the bathroom at about 11:54 by our watch...
we're standing there in the bathroom and hear "20 seconds...then,8,7,6,5, was like what the hell???
i went running down the hallway and make the turn for the stairs when i hear HAPPY NEW YEAR and i look up 7 rows and theres my bride with this grin like "yep,you missed it".....
so my kiss was not on time but i think we managed to celebrate all the same. Joyce said her watch showed 11:58.

So the Wanna Be Startin Something fired up the 3rd set and the place turned into the new year disco,(but there was no disco ball,,not sure why)....this is when someone appeared from the back and walked up to JB before security could grab them.
so the whole 3rd set>>>nailed me to the roof again....
3: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'*, Tall Boy*, Arleen* > Surprise Valley > Drums > Surprise Valley > Driving Song > Disco > Driving Song > Rock, I Wish* > Moondance*, Bust It Big > Chilly Water > Jam > Chilly Water

from one of my top Panic tunes,Surprise Valley to Stevie Wonders I Wish to Moondance(full blue moon that night)
it was a nice meltdown.
Then the encore of Patsy Cline's Walkin After Midnight was nice and JB mentioned that a nice dress came with that song but it didn't make it in time....he.....
my only ~~~ of the night was ending with Protein Drink/Sewing Machine.....i like that song in other places but felt it was kinda strange to end the NYears night on....but overall ,a fab show.
the downloads out there are tasty !!

so we leave and think we will never find our way out of the parking lot but end up getting to the highway with ease.
got home and we were wired so i put music on and we kept the morning alive....too alive.
Lee passed out around 4:21 and i never went to sleeep....except for a few moments during new year football....
finally fell at 11 that night.

great way to start the new year.
the end.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

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