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 Tent advice 
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Post Re: Tent advice
Thanks BBTR. I got sealer before I got the tent. The tent says (talking tent :lol: ) that the seams are taped and sealed but I got the stff any way so I'll seal them....This will just be my hot weather tent.....I have a much smaller tent for overnight paddling trips & coleder temps.

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Post Re: Tent advice
Thanks to all of you great people that have given the 411 on the tent front! I am confused now not sure which one I would like.. :lol: I like them all!!! They each have their own things so this will be tough!! I think I will let the kids use whatever tents they are bringing (haven't seen much of gkid lately and it is she and her boyfriend and BF that will possibly camping) if not they will have to squeeze in heathers trailer...still am working on a room for he & I somewhere close as I know that he would not work out in the ttrailer or a tent!!! Had the kids run up to the store and get these fold up chairs with like an ottoman ...He needs it for his legs as they are starting to swell real bad! He is not thinking right either he goes maybe I shouldn't go what it something happens? I said are in between the MAYO in JAX and Shands in Gville!!! Some of the best hospitals in this state...he goes oh yeah.... :roll: I don't know if his cancer is spreading to his brain or if it is the morphine??? He seems to be happy to go so am praying he will have a good time as he looks awful!!! :( But told him that a rumor was going around that EC might be there (he has seen him yrs ago) it seemed to perk him up quite a bit???? Anyone ever hear of a band called MASON PROFIT??????

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Post Re: Tent advice
Kelty tents available from and other locations can't be beat for features and price. Find one on sale. They don't leak a drop. I have two.

U won't be sorry.



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Post Re: Tent advice
RvrRat wrote:
I have a new tent (well, bought a couple of years ago, but never used). I'm going to do a test run next weekend and set up everything to make sure it all works. That will give me a chance to get new stuff if needed. I hate when the air mattress goes flat at 4 in the morning.

It will also give me a chance to set up the new tent at least once so I won't look like a goob at Wanee!

i think you have a good quality tent, keep it guys..


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Post Re: Tent advice
well im a former outdoor store owner/mtn climber & have hiked the app trail n all over want something durable to 80mph winds, takes 2 mins to set up, will last 500 yrs, and convert from a deep south 3 season to a top of everest 4 season you cant go wrong with sierra designs or my fave n my personal tent a mtn hardware niteview...
UNLESS U HAVE TO DONT GET OVER A 3 PERSON TENT...quality over quantity...yes ive set up those cheap tents with 5 rooms and they blow goats..

n get a mummy very compactable sleeping bag AND a sleeping mat(i use 2 ridge rests)...bring duct tape n batteries n bug spray(non deet is good)...tip, when u pack put in all batteries in the opposite direction so yer stuff doesnt accidentally turn on during the trip n burn out when ya need it..

petzl headlamps(led one is best), neutrogena liquid powder sunscreen, baby wipes and ANTI MONKEY BUTT brand powder rock.

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Post Re: Tent advice
[quote: I don't know if his cancer is spreading to his brain or if it is the morphine??? He seems to be happy to go so am praying he will have a good time as he looks awful!!! :( But told him that a rumor was going around that EC might be there (he has seen him yrs ago) it seemed to perk him up quite a bit???? Anyone ever hear of a band called MASON PROFIT??????[/quote]

Hey Sister,I dont know you,but I hope your husband(I guess that is who is sick)feels better.I have been through it all.All I can say is yes,the morphine messes with the brain.Made me not want to be around anyone.And if he did chemo,that will mess with the brain.From what I have read and learned,it is normal,happens to alot of us that did chemo :evil: I take omega 3,and Dr Weil immune support formular.Its a pill with 7 different ground up mushrooms.Cant hurt eh.Peace and Love,and Cancer Sucks.See you in April 8-)

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Post Re: Tent advice
Some tent advice:

If you are camping for one night only:
Unless you’re hardcore backpacker (as I used to be more years ago than I care to admit), a 1-person tent isn’t. If you’re camping solo, go for a 2-person tent (typically 5’ x 7’) If there are two of you, make it a 3-person (7’ x 7’ or dimensions that work out to approximately the same area). With three or four who all love each other very much, you could go for a 4-person tent (60+ sq. ft.) or 5-person tent (80+ sq. ft.), but two smaller tents are a better bet—they’ll be less likely to blow down if it’s windy unless the larger tent is expedition-quality.

If you’re camping in the same place multiple nights (such as at Wanee):
Even if it’s just you alone, you’ll be much happier spreading out in a 3-person tent than trying to keep your clothing and gear organized in the small amount of leftover floor space not occupied by your sleeping gear in a 2-person tent—especially if you’re in an altered state of consciousness or recovering from one. For two people, a 4-person tent is the minimum size and a 5-person is better. Three or more of you, bring two tents.

Price versus quality:
Unless you are into camping in extreme conditions in the deep wilderness where a tent failure could be life threatening, don’t waste your money on an expensive tent. They’re just as vulnerable as cheaper tents to the kind of human-caused damage such as burns, rips and broken poles that is most likely to occur at crowded, drunken events like music festivals. You’ll mourn a whole lot less if you wreck your $80 Coleman Sundome 4 than if your $400 Marmot Halo 4P bites the dust at Wanee. Regardless of the price of your tent, bring along a $10 tent repair kit and you'll be fine.

Other considerations:
Regardless of size, a tent with a fly that forms a closable vestibule is a real advantage in rainy weather; bringing wet stuff into a tent makes everything damp. Unfortunately, tents with that feature are typically 150% to 200% more expensive than equivalent tents with open flies unless you can snap one up at a clearance sale of last year’s models.

If you can afford it, a sturdy popup canopy with screen sides (such as this one: ... B000N5395U) is a beautiful thing. When it’s rainy, you have a dry patch to cook, eat, relax and hang up wet stuff. When it’s hot and sunny, you have shade. When it’s buggy, the screen sides are a lot more effective than citronella candles and much preferable to gumming yourself up with insect repellent. But beware of those el cheapo canopies with legs made of several segments; setup is a pain and they are vulnerable to anything stronger than a light breeze.

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