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Post Re: allgood
Tempting, but after serious consideration...I think I'm holding back from going to West Virginia.

Never been to an All Good, but the lineups year after year are top notch. The site looks amazing. Who wouldn't want to rage on a mountain for 4 days?

But the negatives are too much for me, from what I've read. 1.)Coming into Masontown, WV is quite sketchy. Apparently, festie-goers are often pulled over while entering the city....supposedly you enter the city coming down a large mountain/hill and there is a strange speed limit change somewhere and thats where they get you.

2.) The security at the fest is ultra-sketchy. Entering the concert grounds apparently takes too long, as the security vigorously looks through bags for contraband....and then supposedly sell the contraband back to the masses. Thats just garbage.

3.) This is not a family-friendly festival. LEAVE THE KIDS HOME. Wookies, wookies, and more wookies. Lots of substances, lots of sketchy looking people. I am not one to judge someone by the way they look, but I mean damn....some people just don't look like trustworthy, good-willed people. I know I hate coming back to my campsite to find my chairs and other possessions of mine stolen. Too often I hear the same story, over and over about this fest. Lots of wookies = lots of stolen goods.

4.) Nitrous Oxide. I'll admit it, I've huffed the stupid s#%t down too many times to remember. After the initial nitrous insanity ceases and I quit reaching for another balloon....I coudn't help but think "THIS s#%t IS STUPID." Needless to say, I don't do that stuff anymore because my care for the scene is too great to support Nitrous gangs that make too much money, too quickly....and then hardly ever give back to the scene by supporting the craft and glass that LEGIT people sell. Also, after reading about Gathering of The Vibes last summer I decided to boycott that stupid air because the nitrous people simply DO NOT BELONG. So, if you like to hear the constant "hisssssss" of tanks going off at all hours of the night right next to you because the sketchy Philly nitrous mob has "claimed" the area around your camp as theirs....go to All Hood.

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Post Re: allgood
ALL GOOD was the worst fest I've ever been to. Pass.

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Post Re: allgood
phish1 wrote:
anyone going? Furhur and Widespread, that is sickness

definitely one of the better line-ups of the festival season

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Post Re: allgood
yes,,they usually have a great line-up

went one year,,,the bands were great and got to run into some friends up that way....don't think i'll go back tho.
it took 9 hours to get there and about 4+ hours just to get up the mountain ,,,,one way traffic going up which felt very dangerous.
after arriving at the gate,for some reason they asked us for $30 more dollars....i think they said it was for the xtra night of camping...hell, it was 3am the first day of the fest :?: :?: :?: and they considered us there "early".
it started us out on a very bad vibe the way they handled the situation.

the scenery of the place is beautiful but much of the crowd not so beautiful.
we saw fights break out (i think it was over balloons) and yes,there was a very sketchy bunch of characters there.
i heard of many thefts and trouble.

yep,,don't think i'll travel to that one.

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Post Re: allgood
great lineup

but wanee is funkier !!!

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Post Re: allgood
if there are people sketchier than me at a fest I take it as a sign to go someplace else...

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Post Re: allgood
That is a sick lineup.

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Post Re: allgood
Last year ALMOST got me to the fest with the worst rep of all, but this year will get me there for sure with the best lineup of the summer!

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Post Re: allgood
masontown, va is possibly the most beautiful area in the east with the exception of maybe the adirondacks. if you plan on going, make sure you go a few days early or stay a few days after to do some camping and explore west virginia. you'll be very happy you did.

as for the allgood vibe, everyone i know who's gone hasn't gone back but i've also met and talked to people at shows who say it's awesome and go every year.

but there is no way that lineup is better than wanne's

i do like that they have some bluegrass-ish music, especially RRE, which i think is the only thing that wanne is missing. hopefully some good bluegrass will present itself in the campgrounds like it usually does at fests.

but 2 nights of abb and panic, mule, derek trucks and all the other great blues and rock music - best lineup i've seen in a while.

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Post Re: allgood
we're going...although I have to say I will NEVER EVER camp in the general camping area again...way too crowded and yes it's skanky (at best). We'll be doing VIP a smaller area in which to camp - festers are older and more well behaved and the viewing and sound is phenominal - high up you can see all the mountains in the valley below it really is beautiful AND the sound is great, you don't even have to leave your camping area to hear the bands even if you can't see the stage ( I don't need to "see" music). That being said its not cheap to have an "even better experience" but we enjoy the venue and the music and the people at least in the VIP area all seem to down right nice!

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