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 I'm just sayin 
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Post I'm just sayin
I am so happy this forum is back to,.... well normal?????
I just read posts for about 20 minutes and laughed my ass off and didn't get pissed off once!!! Victory is ours!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
me too! which brings me to this...

I'm sittin here in a pile of Wanee s#%t, house a total disaster, but instead I'm sitting on the couch deep in thought. Isn't it funny how music can bring people together, and then bulls#%t can tear that apart?
My own experince is of my buddies backed out of coming to Wanee for 2 reasons. 1-because I was "too excited" about it. I don't understand why someone would be bummed out by someone else's joy about something, but there are a lot of things I don't know. 2-because "he isn't into the music". this is something else I cannot begin to know about. Music is my life, my joy, my passion, and the ultimate for me is to be at a festival with like minded people who might not agree on everything but can agree on one thing..MUSIC IS LIFE! :D
So I'm ok with my buddy backin out, it's his choice and his life, but it saddens me to know what an experience he'll be missin. I myself am going to live every moment knowing I am damn lucky to be there, amongst all you fine music lovin folks, experiencing the best music and the greatest musicians of our time..and some of ALL TIME.

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
I "m with you owl, we have all been chating here for the past couple of months and now a bunch of people from thier teens up until what 50 ? 60? more? From all over the country and even a couple from europe have formed a bond who's common thread is our love of music, people and a good time. We were all saying how we couldn't wait for Wanee, but now that it is right around the corner, I can't help but think that the long wait is part of what is going to make it so much fun. Imagine if we didn't have this forum, we would be a group of folks who probably never would have gotten to meet, sure we would have gone, and had a great time and met a bunch of great people anyway, but look at the head start we have. We will get there and have a ton of freinds to party with, and be there for each other from the minute we arrive. A toast to the forum bartender!!!! :D BRING IT ON!!!!!

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
This forum has been a Godsend for me. Since I am coming solo, traveling a fair distance by truck, and well past 50 years old, the wife is a little worried. She knows that when I tell her I have 20 - 30 built in friends when I get there, it's the truth. The fact that 4 or 5 of us have promised to 'have each others backs' eased her mind even more. She knows I party hard enough to fall down, but usually with Buds I've known for years. She now knows there will be someone there to help me up, and dust me off, once the laughter stops!

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
OL there is something amiss with your friends thinking. My friends could NEVER be too excited, and this wasn't my type of music either. But I like to keep and open mind and I trust my friends when they tell me I will have a good time. I never thought in my wildest imagination how much fun it would be or how hooked I would be. Although I was looking forward to meeting Kim, yall seem like quite a pair! Well, that's my 2 cents!

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
owllover, just today I was wearing a t-shirt given to me by a philosophy professor friend of mine. It says, "If people would stop bullshitting, there would be less bulls#%t." I love that shirt. I just had to share that after your post. :D



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Post Re: I'm just sayin
Just kind of gave me chills reading these posts. It's incredibly amazing the friendships we have formed and laughs we have shared and haven't even met yet. I think when friends don't "get it" or bail on us, it's just sad because we know how much fun it is and sometimes have a hard time understanding why everyone doesn't love music like we do!

I just know that we're all gearing up for something REALLY special !! xoxox

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
My 2cents... You guys are great! It's been so much fun gearing up for Wanee, but also nice to "meet" so many likeminded people from across the country or right in my own back yard. It gives me hope that so many different kinds of people are planning on getting together for a weekend of fun, music, silliness. All of us are neighbors and it really warms my heart...

~~Can't go back and you can't stand still. If the peaches don't get you, then the mushrooms will.~~

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Post Re: I'm just sayin
These post are beautiful..... I for one am very proud to have gotten to know all of you. I would like to say if for any reason I have offened anyone with a commit I am truly sorry, It has been so much fun (minus the one A-hole) getting to know each and everyone of you! I truly feel as if I am going to a reunion of sorts! I can not wait to meet each and everyone one of you and give you a great big ol' hug! From the bottom of my heart I LOVE THE BOS/SOS!


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Post Re: I'm just sayin
Hey Owl,some people just don't get it.
I have friends that can't understand why I get off
on the mule so much,or why I would travel lots of
miles to see them,my other half and kids understand
only because I have a smile plasterd on my face
for at least a week whenever I get home from one
of my trips,I work very hard to try and keep
everbody at home happy and comertable so when I
go on my trips 4 or 5 times a year it is my time
to just let loose!!!It keeps me sane looking forward
to these speacial times when i'm just Kevin the music
lover and I leave all the bulls#%t in JAX!!!!!I'm realy happy
to have this site and all of you to make the wait that
much more enjoyable.ONE MORE WEEK PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!


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