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 What instrument do you play? 
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Wanee Gnome

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
veefinger you are the man. were gonna have some sick jams

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Wanee Mushroom

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
Saw a picture of the electric jamz their was a drumset.. if so.. ill hvae to beat those skins :P

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Wanee Mushroom
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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
My first instrument wa the flute, no, I'm serious...ask my first boyfriend....but now, I'm actually good at it...wait, maybe I'm confused....I'm good at the guitar right now! Dammit! I'm thinkin Walt might still say I'm good at the flute! Ya oughta ask him....?! Me be about guitar now. Washburns RULE!

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Wanee Peach

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
tokableobject wrote:
my name is adam and i play bass. im ready to get down at the electric jam session. i was just wondering what equipment i need to bring so i dont get left out. me and my tribe are all in jam bands in palm beach and are ready to bring the jams to wanee.

There's jam bands here at Palm Beach? Other than Crazy Fingers? I see Grass is Dead some but have thought there's just no music here. It's amazed me since I've moved here last summer. Thank God for Crazy Fingers + Grass is Dead though!

I play banjo

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
Plooker you can join us. Just bring pickup to go in the P.A.

I f!*king LOVE Grass is Dead.

1 more day!

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Wanee Gnome

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
hell yeah man i just saw crazy fingers with steve kimock last month

Sat May 30, 2009 1:28 am Profile
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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
I play the guitar, but currently am playing the keypad and the mouse!

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
Have to make a decision...

When I first read about the camp jams I most certanly wanted to participate. Jamming is just to fun to don't... But to travel half the globe with two teenagers and change flights two times is a circumstance that one think about and the win have to override the extra effort so to speak. The only gear that's possible is either my accoustic or my Strat so if it depends on an amp of your own ther'es no choice. On the other hand I've got no hard case to the accoustic so I will be a little nervous to hand it over to the airport luggage functions...

Anyway, exactly what to expect? If you have an axe and is skilled enough to adapt in a jam would it be opprortunities to do so? Around the campfire I guess it would be ok with an accoustic but if you depend on someone to let you plug in an amp?

Reading the schedule, when is it time enough to jam? Read about restrictions late at night and I really like to see both Derek and the Wailers late shows. And from noon there's bands playing so I hesitate a little and wonder if there's any time left for jams?

Well, tomorrow I have to decide and by then I know exactly what we have to carry between planes (leaving in about 40 hours and it's soooo cool to more or less be on our way).

Would appreciate if someone here that will be involved in jams could give some reflections on my thoughts...

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Wanee Lover

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
i am debating over whether to bring a cheap ibanez electric
for the same reasons,,,where do we find the time to jam?
I have been to Wanee before and had a band from new york play next to me,,,and that was all of the jam scene i have ever been involved with there.
i'm sure some of these gracious people we have around here can hand you a guitar and let you in when you want to play.
if i bring my electric you are more than welcome to take it over...
i'm a little rusty right now and will maybe play a song or two but if a jam breaks out i'm fine with listening as well as playing.
i have a small Crate amp that i may bring and it has plenty of power.
so,,in my opinion,,if i was traveling as far as you are,i would not bother bringing a Strat,,,or an acoustic if it didn't have a case.
and especially since you have the girls with you,,,why worry about instruments?
you need to come and enjoy your first Wanee to the fullest.

again,my guitar is your guitar....
i have no problem passing my guitar around.

see ya soon.
Wavo and Co.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

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Post Re: What instrument do you play?
Agrees with Wavo
Have a safe trip Micke!!!!! :D

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